“After 1 month of your training I went from District Manager to Area Manager – now on my way to Region. I have told my team that if they do not subscribe to your training – I cannot help them! I am grateful you have made this invaluable training available to all who are READY!”

Sandra G, USA

“I now understand what was missing after years of struggle :-)

Diana C, Sweden

“After 23 years in this business and 20 years at the top, I am staggered at the impact of your coaching on my new people. The confidence, the action, the excitement is like nothing I have experienced. This IS the Missing Link.”

Sally P, USA

“The facts are in my face. No growth for 2 years. One week on your course learning how to coach and four weeks later my team doubles. Why didn’t I learn this before? Everyone must do this. Everyone. Now. Immediately.”

Tom P, Canada

“I’m not confident and it all comes down to a lack of coaching up and down line. You have given me hope that I can gain the skills to surmount the obstacles :-)

AEM, China

“My mindset is at fever pitch and I’ve started practicing. It’s great and getting results (not that this is a focus ;) )”

Raresh H, UK

“It helped to launch your course! It has given people focus and energy to do the things they know and learn to increase results with existing businesses and create a more empowering environment for my team!!!”

Craig W, UK

“This has changed the whole way of my coaching and the team are gaining so much confidence from this. Brilliant.”

Gary T, UK

“Two tutorials and my business is transformed. The people I sponsored are finally working.”

Dee D, Singapore

“I have learnt so much that I didn’t know in such a short time by repeating the tutorials doing them again and again and again works. I am now sponsoring again! The best investment ever!!”

Steve M, UK

“Finally I understand where I am going wrong. I feel like weeping as all of the frustrating days thinking I was doing it wrong.”

Tommi F, The Netherlands

“I have been in Network Marketing for just over 4 years, and have been shown a simple system to help the duplication in my business. I was trained very well, but never coached on the skills that I needed for success in all areas. I have been using your coaching system for a matter of weeks, and it has transformed our team. Not only am I becoming a more competent coach, but our leaders have more posture and commitment to coaching their teams. We are using the progress chart to track our improving skill levels, and this has improved their focus on learning because they want to physically see their improvement in the skills of coaching. I believe that your coaching system will transform the industry of Network Marketing worldwide. If anyone is willing to invest the time in learning how to “coach the coach”, they are guaranteed success. Thanks Ed, for 16 years of hard work on your part.”

Mark Barbeary, UK

“I definitely believe it this INNOVATION will change my/our businesses for the better – especially in relieving the pressure, eliminating the failure factor and again raising the professionalism of how we do things. I want to have a business – not a wild ride that only a few people make it through without adverse effects.”

Linda, USA

“To my mind, anyone following the ‘Discovery’ process will experience a transformation in their attitude to NWM. This has elevated NWM from a place of suspicion to a place of respectability. From ‘Get rich quick’ with all the negative connotations that comes with that to the status of a potentially high paying ‘professional’ business. The pressure is off new people and they have a clear path to follow – how good is that!”

Robert Webb, UK

“I love the Discovery checklist as it definitely makes it very achievable. In this business we lack a fundamental pre profiling tool and I believe you have succeeded with this!”

Catherine Cooke, Australia

“This is a great way to take the pressure off the new prospect right at the start. Meaning they can relax and enjoy the process while we are also coaching and exposing the business to them and in many cases working out our relationship with them too. At the moment I feel we force them into this position and some stick and some don’t.”

Andy Maile, UK

“I have been glued to the computer, soaking in the training. Absolutely the best. Ed connects all the dots to make this business plan work. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”


“For the first time since I joined my company 12 – 13 years ago (good thing I love the products) I feel confident & have a system to work with. I’m starting to put it into practice. Ed is certainly brilliant. Thank you.”

Jan G

“I just started to build up a network, there are lots of stuff here that I did not know about. The coaching is really essential amongst other things. I see other people in the organisation “throwing” in people in order to get titles … but it takes time to build a steady organisation. Thanx Ed for the clarity!”

- Oliver T, USA

“Your new strategy with the discovery stage as start is so powerful. Just this morning I answered a prospect on her question what is expected from her and what she has to do. I told her she can discover the first year what this bizz is all about. In the meanwhile the training sessions are important to develop and grow. No pressure, and she was excited There is so much to see, learn , absorb and practice, thanx for all your effort.”

- Doretti G, Holland

“I am so impressed with this Method. I have been through the “Discovery” stage with so many people buy now I have a name for it. Now I can work with them through this stage knowing the outcome is up to them (with my help) and their commitment level/determination for their success in business. You hit the nail on the head when you stated only 2% will actually be successful and we have been taught to go sponsor many in order to get your 2% which creates much frustration and having to work with many non realistic business builders. Why not put some focus on the 98% too and see if they have the confidence / commitment or can help them develop it? I think this training was great and can’t wait for you to fine tune it and see the final result of your hard work and dedication!”

- Kelly S

This is a fantastic day. I have done my first 15 minutes on your fantastic programme. I hope many people will join this, because it is so good. I have read your books, I watch your web seminar, but this is the best. I am looking forward to educate myself to become a star. Everyday morning and evening I will be in.

- Bente J, Sweden