About the 100% Success Method™

100% Leadership Mastery is based on the 100% Success Method™. There are two fundamentally different Methods of building a Network Marketing business; The ‘Pioneer Method’ [some call it MLM] and ‘100% Success Method™’

The Network System you use will be based on one of these methods dramatically impacting on your success.

Success in Network Marketing is fundamentally based on Network Leaders. The method by which you grow and drive your leaders will determine a company’s success.

The Pioneer MLM Method

The Pioneer Method is based on the core belief that evolved from the old ‘door-knocking philosophies that Network Marketing has been enormously successful; creating the $100bil industry that we have today. The power of this method lies in the fact that it focuses on the recruitment & motivation of ‘classic entrepreneurs’, who are the key to pioneering new companies and new industries. The key skills in the Pioneer Method are sponsoring and motivation.

The Pioneer Method does not support the ‘risk-averse’ business builders who make up 95% of new people. This leads to a very high rate of failure and overall Network performance is low.

This Method is becoming increasingly ineffective in established companies and countries because of this high failure rate, and stagnating growth.

The 100% Success Method

Ed Ludbrook saw that the Pioneering Method was failing many years ago, and he has himself pioneered a method that supports the both the 5% ‘Classic Entrepreneurs’ AND the 95% risk-averse ‘Intrapreneurs’.

This Method is called the 100% Success Method because by using this method, 100% of people [5% + 95% = 100%] can succeed!

The results of people using this Method around the world are far beyond what is being achieved by using the Pioneer Method. ™ It is only a matter of time before the industry completely evolves and adopts the 100% Success Method [and then we will see growth really explode!].

With the 100% Success Method™ Ed expects the industry to double in size within the next 10 years adding another $100bil per year to its revenues.